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Главная » 2018 » Ноябрь » 14 » VA - Goa Trance Timewarp Vol. 4 (2CD) (2018)
VA - Goa Trance Timewarp Vol. 4 (2CD) (2018)

Исполнитель: VA
Название диска: Goa Trance Timewarp Vol. 4 (2CD)
Лейбл: Timewarp Records - TIM2CD100
Страна: International
Жанр: Psytrance, Goa Trance
Год выпуска: 2018
Количество треков: 18
Формат: MP3
Качество: 320 kbps
Время звучания: (CD1) 01:16:29 / (CD2) 01:11:28
Размер файла: 349,95 МБ


(CD1) Compiled DJ Garobass
01. Goa Luni - Interaction (06:53)
02. The Maniac - Throne of Azathoth (08:05)
03. Nova Fractal, Dense Denso - Common Cold (10:36)
04. Omneon - Om (08:46)
05. SwaraTrip - Optimus (08:13)
06. Wizard Project - Space Dimension (07:55)
07. Siam - Sunset In Jupiter (08:19)
08. Median Project - Cube (07:56)
09. GoAtma - I'm a Maniac (09:42)

(CD 2) Compiled DJ Czellux
10. Psychedelic Quest - Out of Time (07:15)
11. Cactus Arising - Space Filter Madness (07:42)
12. Ion Vader - For Deg (09:14)
13. Fiery Dawn - Dancing Fire (Feat. Omneon) (09:03)
14. Mind Echo - Dreams of Travels (07:38)
15. Omnivox - Silent Sweeper (JIS Remix) (07:40)
16. Filami - Hanna Dream (07:27)
17. Consept Lightwork - Moments Of Magic (07:40)
18. Median Project - On Saturn (07:44)

Timewarp Records is excited to present volume 4 of the successful and highly sought after series 'Goa Trance Timewarp' with our 100th amazing release! Each episode is compiled and mixed by a guest resident of the Timewarp label DJ team and this time we welcome two top selectors DJ Garobass and DJ Czellux. Packing 18 top tunes into nearly 160 stellar minutes of mind mending, time warping, space bending, soul soaring adventures is what we were born to do! We hope you have as much fun as we did, dancing around the studio making this new album for you. Also to note is the awesome 3D graphics by Goa Doc. Please welcome our two seasoned Goanaughts with this epic 2CD release.

For DJ Garobass aka Mirabile Julien Karl all began with acid and UK techno music, free parties and festivals in France and elsewhere (HDK, Biobanas, Bassadonf, KSS, Acme Soundsystem, Sub-Conscience, Nezgoabass, Electromagnetik, EDC, Taima Project. All these parties shaped his soul and his djing's technical. This strong connection with Goa music allowed him to become DJ for Timewarp Records, to be able to produce mixes all around the world and to make this label the way to be happy behind the decks.

Czellux is Czellar Gabor from Hungary met the psychedelic music by accident at the end of the 90's but it immediately took a huge impact on him and a few years later he started his carrier as Goa Trance DJ. He fell in love with this genre in the first minute and always wanted to keep that special spirit, the magic that only Goa Trance has and he began to write his own music. In 2013 has released the first full-length album titled Illusions Of Reality by Timewarp Records. His music perfectly conveys his own definition of the genre. Acid and trance elements join together in his music and tell different stories with its atmosphere. Journey Into Sound has played in Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Israel, Netherlands, and many gigs in Hungary.

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