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Главная » 2019 » Март » 13 » Press On Randy - Birds Are Dinosaurs (2019)
Press On Randy - Birds Are Dinosaurs (2019)

Исполнитель: Press On Randy
Название диска: Birds Are Dinosaurs
Лейбл: Press on Randy - 193428792876
Страна: USA (Bend, OR)
Жанр: Indie Pop, Electronic
Год выпуска: 2019
Количество треков: 10
Формат: MP3
Качество: 320 kbps
Время звучания: 00:42:40
Размер файла: 100,77 МБ


01. Minefield 04:45
02. Conman 04:28
03. Replacing Sunlight 03:24
04. Manifest Destiny 03:56
05. To The Lions 04:20
06. Gunhead 04:42
07. Newer Jacket 04:01
08. I Want Your Colors 03:47
09. No Fire 05:31
10. See As I Want 03:42

Press on Randy is a one man band/electronic synth pop artist who composes catchy tunes like a finely layered cake. Using guitars, synths, electronics and organic elements to make a highly palatable, rich, yet well balanced electro pop tunes for your enjoyment.

Birds Are Dinosaurs is Press on Randy’s 2nd full length release. The album takes on a thematic element to it where most of the songs center on our relationship with modern day technology, the Information Age and politics. With compositions to draw you in and lyrics to sting like a bee. With the last full length “A Ghost With a Fish Eye Lense” being a much more of an internal journey, this album is more of an external affair. With thought provoking, intricate and sometimes ominous pop tunes you may be inclined to get up and dance to.

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