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Главная » 2018 » Ноябрь » 12 » Jeff Carver - Interpretations (2018)
Jeff Carver - Interpretations (2018)

Исполнитель: Jeff Carver
Название диска: Interpretations
Лейбл: Jeff Carver - 193428121584
Страна: United States
Жанр: Smooth jazz, Jazz-Pop
Год выпуска: 2018
Количество треков: 11
Формат: MP3
Качество: 320 kbps
Время звучания: 00:52:56
Размер файла: 125,31 МБ


01 - Where Is the Love (00:05:02)
02 - Hello Again (00:04:34)
03 - Here's That Rainy Day (00:06:42)
04 - Southern Nights (00:05:08)
05 - Till There Was You (00:04:31)
06 - This Guys in Love with You (00:04:21)
07 - Hallelujah (00:03:20)
08 - How Insensitive (00:04:47)
09 - Both Sides Now (00:06:10)
10 - I Really Don't Want Much for Christmas (00:04:19)
11 - Unchained Melody (00:03:56)

The Album
‘Interpretations’ is Jeff Carver’s first solo album project. Jeff recorded a beautiful Christmas record in 2012 with keyboardist and RCA recording artist, Rahjta Ren, called ‘The Merry Christmas Sessions’. Jeff also collaborated with Joe Alley of Joe Alley Productions, in Minneapolis in late 2001, on an album called ‘Gettin’ Comfortable’, an original project for Southern Comfort liquors. Joe played sax and also wrote all the songs for that album. (Also on that record is Fleetwood Mac’s amazing keyboardist, Ricky Peterson, who plays unbelievable B3 organ and piano on a few tracks). Jeff still does a lot of contract recording work with Joe Alley to this day. Jeff can also be heard soloing on flugelhorn and/or playing lead trumpet on many other artists albums, including Nashville’s Jeff Dayton (of the Glen Campbell band), and on albums and projects with Emmy-winner, “Shaun Johnson and The Big Band Experience”.
‘Interpretations’ brings together all Jeff’s favorite things, love songs with emotional lyrics, warm and moving flugelhorn solos, meaningful melodies, well played grooves and a variety of musical styles and arrangements. If you were to pick one album to help breathe in the air, make you want to sit by the fire, sip wine, and let your troubles melt away, this is that album. You will find yourself invited into the versatility of Jeff’s approaches to these familiar melodies that you thought you knew. ‘Interpretations’ will hopefully give you an oasis in your day to take time and remember these great songs, and breathe a little easier.

Mixed & Mastered by
Tony Axtell at Axtell Production axtellproduction.com
*STRINGenius includes: Jill Olson Moser, Colin McGuire, Ian Snyder - Violins
Susan Janda - Viola
Rebecca Arons - Cello
CD Design: Jo Baecker

Jeff Carver
Jeff Carver is a smooth jazz trumpet player and singer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He plays an impressive amount of shows per year, well over 200, with a solo show as his primary gig. He is in high-demand at jazz clubs, restaurants, wineries, casinos, VIP events, weddings and private parties all over the Midwest. His high-end, contemporary backing track arrangements of hits from ‘The Great American Songbook’, mixed with popular songs from legendary modern-day artists, make him one of the most versatile musicians working today.
With more than 250 songs at his instrumental and vocal disposal, Jeff’s multi-age audiences enjoy the up-to-date songs they are craving, while he introduces a new generation to musicians and hits from past decades. Jeff plays and sings songs from artists such as Louis Armstrong, Elvis Presley, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, Glen Campbell, Chuck Mangione and Billy Joel, to name a few. Jeff can also be found playing and singing with his quartet or trio for a variety of events. In 2018, Jeff’s quartet recently performed a sold out concert, opening and backing up long-time lead singer for the band Chicago, Jason Scheff.
Besides his solo show and small group jazz, Jeff can be found playing lead trumpet and soloing as he tours nationally with “Shaun Johnson & The Big Band Experience”, an exciting eight-piece variety/show group that ‘wows’ audiences in theaters and on popular stages from coast to coast. Created by Emmy-Winning singer and entertainer, Shaun Johnson (of “Tonic Sol-fa” fame), The “BBE” performs 30 to 40 shows per year, and is featured yearly on a nationally-aired Holiday PBS Special.
Jeff is a former Lead Trumpeter of the NFL’s MN Vikings Show Band, former owner and performer with The “Power Players” NorthStars Professional Hockey Band, and was a featured performer of the National Anthem at MN Twins baseball games in the Twin Cities Metrodome. Jeff was also an Award-Winning High School Band Director in the 1980’s.

Tony Axtell
Tony Axtell of Axtell Productions in Minneapolis, MN, was in charge of mixing and mastering ‘Interpretations’. Tony has been very active in the music business for more than 25 years and has toured nationally and Internationally. He is highly respected at both the mixing board and on the bandstand. Simply, this album would not have happened with the expertise and support of Tony. From Jeff Carver: “If I had a trusted partner in this entire project, it has been my friend, Tony. His extraordinary guidance and very thoughtful approach to my music really helped me get everything completed with the results I wanted. I look so forward to many more projects with Tony at my side!”

Adi Yeshaya
Israel-born composer and arranger, Adi Yeshaya, is featured all over this album with his superb writing and incredible playing. Adi served as Prince’s string arranger for three years and has also done arrangements for the Voice for nine years. He has worked with a host of other music professionals including Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and Burt Bacharach to name a few. Adi currently lives in Minnesota, but can be seen all over the world working with and influencing great artists with his beautiful arranging style. From Jeff: “Adi’s contribution to this entire project has been invaluable. His wide array of arrangements gives this project diversity and consistency. He is a true star and I am so happy he is a major part of this project!”

Donnie LaMarca
Donnie LaMarca is a musical artist, composer, producer and programmer, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Donnie has toured and/or recorded with great artists such as Bobby Caldwell, Jeff Lorber, Bonnie Raitt and Al Hirt to name a few. His keyboard sound is a staple in the Twin Cities music scene. From Jeff: “Donnie is a force on the piano when you play with him live! His work here shows a more delicate and deliberate approach to his playing. So happy Donnie is part of this!”

‘Interpretations’ Song List With Jeff Carver’s Comments

Where is The Love:
Jeff Carver - Trumpet
Adi Yeshaya - Keyboards & Programming
Tony Axtell - Drums & Percussion
Omid Huttar - Electric Guitar
Strings by STRINGenius*
“This entire CD project started a year or so ago with the creation of three original arrangements, created by Adi Yeshaya. ‘Where is The Love’ is the first one featured on this project. It is such a unique approach to the song and breathes a lot of new life into this beautiful classic. This is an Adi Yeshaya original arrangement and all three of his original arrangements on this project feature real strings.”

Hello Again
Jeff Carver - Vocal & Flugelhorn
Adi Yeshaya - Keyboards & Programming
“This my salute to legendary singer, Neil Diamond. Neil’s voice was part of my life all the way back in high school. Many of his songs are iconic but it took me a while to feel comfortable doing one of his as his voice is so distinctive. Many of my followers have seen Neil live in concert and once he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, I felt i needed to honor but creating my own interpretation of one of his songs. To Neil…”

Here’s That Rainy Day
Jeff Carver - Flugelhorn
Donnie La Marca - Keyboards
Tony Axtell - Drums & Programming
“A beautiful and energetic woman named Anita, heard me at a restaurant one day with her son, Steve. They were really liking my music so I spent some time with them on my break. Back in the day, Anita’s husband was a big band singer and ‘Here’s That Rainy Day’ was his special song. I have wanted to record for Anita ever this since that day, I have finally done it here, so this version goes out to my friend, Anita.”

Southern Nights
Jeff Carver - Vocals & Flugelhorn
Adi Yeshaya - Keyboards & Programming
I play at a place called ‘Southern Lights”. Its a huge lighting store in Burnsville, Minnesota, with sparkling chandeliers and gorgeous lighting fixtures and designs. Craig, the owner, and I go back a few years and I am so thankful to play at his beautiful studio. Obviously Southern Nights sounds like Southern Lights so I had Adi do an arrangement for me, based on Liz Wright’s version. I really like the groove and its pretty different than the original. This is for Craig, Lisa and the incredible staff at Southern Lights”

Till There Was You
Jeff Carver - Trumpet
Adi Yeshaya - Keyboards & Programming
Tony Axtell - Fretless Bass
Omid Huttar - Nylon String Guitar
Strings by STRINGenius*
“This is another original Adi Yeshaya arrangement of one of my favorite songs. I am not aware of a trumpet cover of this song so we got creative in our approach and gave it a go…with real strings! I love all the twists and turns of this arrangement. Adi is a master at taking a melody and creating something brand new and interesting. This features real strings by STRINGenius.”

This Guy’s In Love With You
Jeff Carver - Vocals & Flugelhorn
Adi Yeshaya - Keyboards & Programming
“One of my all time favorite numbers recorded by one of my heroes, Herb Alpert. When I first started singing a lot, a couple years ago, a friend told me I had to do this song! It’s one I do almost every night and its surprising how so many people love it. To the great one, Herb Alpert!”

Jeff Carver - Flugelhorn
Donnie La Marca - Keyboards
“Hallelujah is easily my most requested song I perform. I play this Leonard Cohen song at a lot of weddings, but also in jazz clubs and restaurants. Its a beautiful arrangement and I love to play it every night. Many nights I need to play it twice! I think this is a compelling instrumental version that lays nicely on flugelhorn”

How Insensitive
Jeff Carver - Vocal & Flugelhorn
Adi Yeshaya - Keyboards & Programming
Tony Axtell - Fretless Bass
Omid Huttar - Nylon String Guitar
Strings by STRINGenius*
“This is the final Adi original on this album and also features real strings! A few years ago my friend, Rahjta Ren, had suggested that this may be a good song for me as I start to venture into the vocal world. Since then, it has been on my mind to record a great version of this classic Jobim tune. I LOVE Adi’s arrangement of this and Tony Axtell is amazing on bass. I think this version stands up well to other versions of this song over the years.”

Both Sides Now
Jeff Carver - Flugelhorn
Rahjta Ren - Keyboards
“When I was first trying to do more intimate jazz, I started working with a keyboard player named Rahjta Ren. Rahjta was an RCA recording artist at one time and an amazingly creative and artistic keyboardist. He was incredible to work with, but I must say the duos we did where he was on grand piano were especially satisfying. We played a little place called School 2 Bistro, run by our friend, Annie. We played this arrangement one night at School 2 and people loved it. It soon became our anthem and I still get requests for it from people who used to hear us live. This album version has Rahjta Ren on keys and I am so appreciative of him playing this for my album. To Annie…we all still love you and I thank you for all you did to help me find my sound. This is dedicated to Annie and all the people who came to School 2 Bistro and loved this song!”

I Really Don’t Want Much For Christmas
Jeff Carver - Vocal & Trumpet
Adi Yeshaya - Keyboards & Programming
“I really love the message of this song. I started performing it last year and I received so many positive comments about it. In fact, the message and approach to the tune seemed to impact many people very emotionally. The lyrics are wonderful and the meaning of the song goes beyond Christmas and can be thought of everyday. Musically and persoanlly, I really like the opportunity to play around my own voice on the recording. I don’t get a chance to do that live! I definitely had a lot of fun doing that!”

Unchained Melody
Jeff Carver - Vocal & Trumpet
Adi Yeshaya - Keyboards & Programming
“This song really speaks for itself and is a beautiful arrangement of the Righteous Brothers hit. ‘Unchained Melody’ is one of the most recorded songs of the 20th century, but I think this version is especially unique. I really enjoy doing this song live, and I hope it becomes one of your favorite versions!”

Thank you to all who have asked for this CD and continue to support me through this strange but always fun journey. In addition to those already mentioned, I would like to especially thank:
Shaun Johnson
Ricky Peterson
Jamal and Khalid and the awesome staff at Mediterranean Cruise
Terri and Paul, Isaac and Ben and everyone at Sovereign Estates Winery
Craig and Lisa Motz and the terrific staff at Southern Lights
Linda Young, Landa and Tonya
All my awesome followers and friends...you know who you are!

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