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Главная » 2020 » Январь » 15 » Fantastic Plastic Machine - Imaginations (2006)
Fantastic Plastic Machine - Imaginations (2006)

Исполнитель: Fantastic Plastic Machine
Название диска: Imaginations
Лейбл: Cutting Edge
Страна: Japan
Жанр: Shibuya-Kei, Electronic, House, Downtempo
Год выпуска: 2006
Количество треков: 13
Формат: MP3
Качество: 320 kbps
Время звучания: 00:54:45
Размер файла: 124,37 МБ


1. "Xiang Xiang (Monologue)" 0:21
2. "Fanfare" (featuring Tahiti 80) 3:36
3. "Don't You Know?" (featuring Clazziquai) 3:32
4. "Tell Me" (featuring Benjamin Diamond) 5:30
5. "Paparuwa" 4:30
6. "Dance Dance Dance Dance" (featuring Su) 6:04
7. "Here in My Mind (Introduction to "Slippin' On Down")" 0:17
8. "Slippin' On Down" (featuring Bob Arkin) 5:43
9. "A World Without Love" (featuring Bonnie Pink) 4:25
10. "French Kiss" 9:44
11. "Obsession" 7:03
12. "Take Me Away" (featuring Ugly Duckling) 3:25
13. "End Roll" 0:48

Imaginations - это пятый студийный альбом Fantastic Plastic Machine . Он был выпущен 22 февраля 2006 года. Он достиг максимума под номером 38 в чарте альбомов Oricon.

Album Notes
Imaginations finds Tanaka Tomoyuki sticking to the mood of Shibuya-kei, but shifting musically toward dancefloor music, the results being mixed, though the album remains enjoyable. The main body of the project's music on Imaginations is formed of soft beats that slide between simplistic and intricate, shifting beneath the gentle singing and delicate synthesizer textures, together creating an indietronica vibe. If anything, "Fanfare," the first proper song on the album, sounds closest to the Go Find and other bands on the Morr Music roster, the only important difference being the complete absence of melancholy in Fantastic Plastic Machine's sound, which remains as positive as ever. Other tracks sport nice rock and bossa nova guitar, piano, and vocal samples over the same type of rhythms, and on the whole the record could have made for a sonically satisfying, if predictable, experience, had it not been for that dancefloor twist. Every now and then Tanaka slips in some stubbornly repetitive bits out of the Daft Punk songbook, which sound out of place after the parts that offer richer arrangements or at least more movement than the simple drone of "dance dance dance dance," to be encountered on the track of the same name. The endless loops were obviously meant to be ironic, and they pass for such, but there's no getting around the fact that they break the musical flow of the album, making it move between cunning, carefully crafted pieces of postmodern joy and undemanding background music. It's fun and relaxing from start to finish, though.

Категория: Music | Просмотров: 30 | Добавил: pmojka | Теги: House, Electronic, Plastic, machine, 2006, downtempo, mp3, fantastic, Imaginations, Shibuya-Kei | Рейтинг: 0.0/0
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